Application for learning Spanish idioms.
Idiom is a phrase which has common figurative meaning different from its literal meaning.
For example, "rest on laurels". This idiom is present in almost all languages and its figurative meaning: "to stop make efforts after little success".
Application contains about 50 most common Spanish idioms.
This application is intended for more advanced Spanish learners. If you are complete beginner, start from Basic Spanish Course and then go to Jokes, and Quotes But it is really up to you. You can use apps in any order you want.
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Application features:

  • 50 Spanish idioms;
  • literal and figurative meaning in English
  • can listen to idioms spoken by high quality Spanish voice;
  • every word from idiom can be opened in built in dictionary;
  • in rare case word is not in a dictionary, it is translated by Yandex Translate translator;
  • user can record his voice and compare it to proper Spanish pronunciation;
  • app has two lighting modes: day and night.
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