English-Spanish Translator


English-Spanish Translator allows to translate phrases from Enghlish to Spanish and vice versa.
Translation is done using Yandex Translate.
Using this application you can create your own Spanish course.
If you are complete beginner it is recommended to start from Basic Spanish Course.
You also can be interested in Quotes, Jokes and Proverbs.
When you became familiar with above you can continue with Spanish Idioms.
Full list of applications for learning Spanish, available on Spanish language page.

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Please, use Chrome browser. Some features like voice and voice recording may not work in other browsers.

Application features:

  • translation from English to Spanish and vice versa;
  • can add translated phrases to favorites and use later;
  • can listen to phrase spoken by high quality Spanish voice;
  • every word can be opened in built in dictionary;
  • in rare case word is not in a dictionary, it is translated by Yandex Translate translator;
  • user can record his voice and compare it to proper Spanish pronunciation;
  • app has two lighting modes: day and night.

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