Application for practicing Spanish with famous quotes.
Quotes (as well as Proverbs and Jokes) are ideal content for speaking practice.
They are short, meaningful, easy to memorize.
Below are list of famous people (philosophers, writers, fighters, politicians, scientists) whose famous quotes you can use for learning Spanish.
We put some of them first, just to ensure that you will not miss them. The rest are in alphabetical order.

Please, use Chrome browser. Some features like voice and voice recording may not work in other browsers.

Application features:

  • famous quotes in both Spanish and English from more than 100 authors;
  • can listen to quotes spoken by high quality Spanish voice;
  • every word from quotes can be opened in built in dictionary;
  • in rare case word is not in a dictionary, it is translated by Yandex Translate translator;
  • user can record his voice and compare it to proper Spanish pronunciation;
  • hands free mode - can listen to Spanish quotes with English translation and do home works;
  • app has two lighting modes: day and night.

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