Spanish language

Spanish is a language originated in Spain.
All people who live southern of US, from Mexico to Chile are native Spanish speakers, except of Brazilians who speak Portuguese. But Brazilians and Portuguese can also understand Spanish (when they want). Also about 40 mlns of people in US speak Spanish at home. And don't forget of about 40 millions people in Spain.
Therefore about half billion of people in the world are native Spanish speakers.

Spanish is the world second spoken language (after Chinese).

Spanish also is the world most studied foreign language. About 25 millions people worldwide are learning Spanish.

We have several applications for learning spoken Spanish:

  • Basic Spanish course
    For complete beginners. Covers more than 400 most used Spanish words. Structured by question words. I.e. there is Who? lesson, What? lesson, Where? lesson and so on.
  • Quotes
    Applications for listening to famous quotes in Spanish. Shakespeare, Bruce Lee, George Washington, Margaret Tatcher, Mother Teresa and so on and so on.
  • Idioms
    Application for learning Spanish idioms.
  • Proverbs
    Application for listening to Spanish proverbs.
  • Jokes
    Applications for listening to funny jokes in Spanish.

All above apps have following features:

  • All content can be played;
  • Build in speaking dictionary;
  • User can record his voice and compare pronunciation;
  • Day and night light modes;

We also have useful utility programs:

  • Spanish dictionary
    Contains 5000 most used Spanish words.
  • Translator
    English-Spanish translator. Translates phrases from English to Spanish and vice versa.