Foreign language and brain development. 7 amazing facts

We learn a foreign language when preparing for a trip to another country, to obtain a good position, to communicate with business partners or whatever other needs we have. While studying foreign languages is useful in itself.
Here are some amazing facts related to learning foreign languages.

1. Those who speak two or more languages ​​have a larger brain.
Incredible, but true: learning and using a foreign language forces some areas of the brain to grow.

2. For those who speak two or more languages, on average, five years later, Alzheimer's syndrome begins.
Scientists studied older people with Alzheimer's and found that at those who can speak two or more    languages, the disease began, on average, 5 years later.

3. Those who speak two or more languages ​​have a better ability to music.
   Speaking in a foreign language develops musical ear - scientists concluded.

4. Language experts are distinguished by the ability to multitask.
   Switching from one language to another, familiar to speakers of several languages, is excellent multitasking training.

5. Languages ​​improve memory.
   Language experts have a better ability to remember than people who know only one language.
   Which, in general, is not surprising, since language learning is an excellent memory training.

6. Speakers of more than one language have a better ability to concentrate.
Which, is not surprising again, since language learning itself requires the ability to focus.

7. Foreign language learners are happier.
   Learning foreign languages ​​activates the left hemisphere of the brain responsible for the emotional state.
   Such activity is associated with positive emotions, i.e. a person feels happier.