How to create language barrier

(The article is humorous we should strive to ensure that students do not have a language barrier.
That is, all recommendations in the article are anti recommendations. Everything must be done the other way around. Just in case.)

1. Constantly correct errors. It is desirable in such a form that he become afraid to say anything in a foreign language.

2. Constantly translate everything. Even articles and auxiliary verbs. Strive to have every foreign word connected in the student’s brain with a word in his native language, and not, God forbid, with an image or concept.

3. Teach in a non-natural way: first the alphabet, then reading, grammar, translation.

4. Get in his mouth as often as possible: say where to put his tongue when pronouncing each word.

5. Do not let him listen to texts in a foreign language.

6. Make him memorizing word lists with translation.

7. These words should be as many as possible.

8. Practice a few minutes a day.

9. Never repeat material learned.