Learn to speak foreign language fast and with fun


Speaking a foreign language is a skill.
Like swimming, riding a bicycle, dancing.
Therefore, it should be trained as a skill.
As any other skill.
There are two stages:
On the first, you put a lot of effort to master the basics of the new skill.
On the second, you start using your new skill, enjoy it and became better and better and better.
Remember how you learned to ride a bicycle? It was very hard from the beginning.
But at some point, you mastered maintaining balance, started to enjoy it and use every day. And by using it every day, you had become better.

The duration of the first stage of learning a foreign language depends on someone's focus and dedication but can be as short as 1-3 weeks.
The duration of the second stage is the rest of life.

The biggest mistake of an "academic" language teaching is that they mix speaking-listening practices with reading-writing.
Reading is a completely different skill. And writing is one more different skill.
Speaking skill has almost nothing in common with reading and writing skills.
Those skills should be trained separately.
Speaking first. Reading and writing after. (Or never if you don't need them.)


We will use the famous "Direct" or "Natural" method of teaching foreign languages.
What is the Direct method?

The direct method focuses on spoken language.
It follows the inductive approach of learning grammar, i.e. instead of learning grammar rules learners are listening to grammatically correct phrases.
The direct method concentrates on question-answer patterns.

Practically, we will not:
-- learn alphabet;
-- learn grammar rules;
-- memorize lists of words;
-- read;
-- write;

But we will:
-- listen and repeat grammatically correct phrases.

In the first stage, we will listen and repeat basic questions and answers and other common phrases like greetings and farewells.
In the second stage, we will use more interesting staff like proverbs, famous quotes, songs, jokes, dialogues.


The best "tool" for learning a foreign language is a native speaker, who knows how to teach and available 24/7.
But is there any alternative?

We offer free applications for both stages.
1. We have a basic course for complete beginners which can be completed in about 50 hours (with full immersion).
It covers 400 most common words and about 600 sentences.
Words contained in the course are mostly functional words (pronouns, prepositions, adverbs, verbs). Content words (nouns) included in the course are mostly travel oriented. Like train, bus, ticket, etc.
The course will get you to a conversational level. The level where you can hold a very basic conversation with a careful native speaker.

2. For those, who have finished a basic course or already learned basic spoken Spanish, we have applications with short content like quotes, jokes, proverbs, songs, dialogues, which you can use for listening and repeating.
Such content is great: it is short, meaningful, easy to memorize, fun.

Also, we have useful tools like a dictionary, translator.

Currently, we have apps only for the Spanish language but we will add more languages in the future.