Rosetta Stone vs TravelAndChat

What is more effective Rosetta Stone or TravelAndChat?

Rosetta Stone is a highly advertised program designed to learn foreign languages.
The principle of its work is that the user is offered a word in a foreign language and an image corresponding to this word.
Thus, instead of working with translation, the user works with images that allow them to remember more efficiently.

The method works where applicable.
The problem is that its scope is quite narrow.
Which image matches the phrase "Where have you been?" Yes, no one does.

To start speaking in a foreign language, we must remember about 300-500 of the most used words.
Such as I, you, where, why, on, in, directly, left, etc.
How many of them can be represented as pictures? Well, maybe 20 max.

The skill Rosetta Stone coaches is "guessing words from pictures."

TravelEndChat, by contrast, is designed solely for training speaking skills.

Listening and repeating phrases is not the best practice of spoken language, but it is nonetheless training in speaking skills.
Training that is available at any time of the day or night and is free. It is also the only form available for beginners.